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Q. What is the Rogue Festival?

A. The Rogue is a non-juried arts festival that celebrates the independent performer and artist. This annual celebration is made up of theater, music, dance, film, performance art, puppetry, spoken word, storytelling, visual arts and more.


Q. Non-juried? What is that?

A. The Rogue is committed to an artist’s right to produce work without the judgment of a jury process and without fear of censure.


Q. Is Rogue a fringe festival?

A. We are not a fringe festival are not a member of the USAFF (United States Association of Fringe Festivals).


Q. When and where does the Rogue take place?

A. Rogue is the first 2 weekends of March. The 2014 Festival will take place from Thursday, February 28  to Saturday, March 8  in the historic Tower District of Fresno, California.


Q. How long has this Rogue thing been going on?

A. Since 2002. The Rogue Festival was the brainchild of our Roguefather, Marcel Nunes, and the wacky group of zanies from Theatre J’Nerique.   Based upon the insane notion that audiences were tired of the “tried & true”.


Q. So, has the Rogue been successful since it began?

A. Why yes… yes, it has. In 2002, the Festival showcased 16 performing companies and attracted over 1200 audience members to two venues… the Rogue Mainstage and the Rogue Cafe. Since then, the Rogue has grown dramatically. The festival sold over 10,000 tickets in 2008. The Festival was also bestowed with a Proclamation by the City of Fresno and was chosen as The Greatest Event On Earth by In 2006, a whole week was proclaimed for us by the city. In 2007, the Rogue and it’s founders received the Horizon Award by the Fresno Arts Council for it’s contribution to the cultural landscape. 2007 also saw the Rogue grow into the largest festival of it’s kind on the US West Coast.  2010 and 2011 saw ticket sales exceed 10,000 sold – for each year.


Q. How do I get my show/film/art into the Rogue?

A. Apply. The Rogue Festival is non-juried, as long as you apply on time and pay the application fee, chances are good you will get a show in. For additional information, check out this link:


Q. How much does it cost to have my show in the Rogue?

A. The Rogue Application fee (non-refundable) is $25, and the Performer fee ranges between US $175 to US $450 depending on the venue and what component you are applying for. For the Rogue Performance Festival, your performer fee provides you with allotted number performances of your show, a tech and box office, a listing in the program, on the website, plus 100 percent of the box office. Anything you want to spend beyond that is up to you.


Q. What if my show runs over the allotted time and/or I have my own venue?

A. COOL! Then you apply as a BYOV/BYOG (Bring Your Own Venue/Gallery). The  fee will cover your listing in our very attractive ROGUE Festival program from which thousands of people can find out and get excited about your show.  For more info on BYOVs, check this link:


Q. Is my show a good Rogue show?

A. Well,if you think it’s something your friends would pay to see, and not be mad at you for telling them to come, then you’ve got a hit on your hands. There’s only one way to find out if it’s a good show, and that’s to do it. Remember, the Rogue is a non-juried festival—that means first come, first served. No one auditions, no one decides… except the audience.


Q. Am I guaranteed anything?

A. No. You receive 100 percent of the box office sales from your performance shows. For Art Galleries, you get 80 percent of sales if you are showing in an official Rogue Art Gallery. It is up to you to promote your show. We will promote the Festival and provide you with guidance on how to have a successful Rogue run, but you take it from there!



A. Why not? Why not offer artists a low-cost opportunity to showcase experimental and polished works? Why not offer audiences an affordable chance to sample a variety of visual and theatrical styles? Why not create an opportunity to develop and discover upcoming and innovative talent? We feel it is a worthy and exciting opportunity to expand the arts in our area… so, why not?


Q. This sounds great, but I’m artistically challenged… how can I support this Rogue thing?

A. We are glad you asked. We are always looking for VOLUNTEERS. We are always looking for SPONSORS. And we are always looking for an adventurous AUDIENCE to come experience something new and dynamic.