UPDATED ~ Changes to BYOVenues for Rogue 2014 ~ UPDATED

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What is a BYOV for 2014?

BYOVs are venues outside the standard Rogue Festival format in may ways.  BYOVs are locations that can go crazy with longer show schedules, showtimes as early or late as they want, kinda  like a wild child.  Rogue audiences love the opportunity to see new and different performances and those types of shows may be too long to fit into the Rogue schedule.  The festival gets larger each year and the BYOVs accommodate shows that didn’t make it into the festival’s first-come, first-serve application process.  Some performers/acts have relationships with local businesses already and Rogue like to acknowledge that partnership.  Some performers have created names for themselves among the Rogue audiences  and look to BYOVs to hold larger audiences.  Sounds like a Win-Win situation for everyone!

How are BYOVs the same as Rogue venues?

BYOVs accept cash AND Rogue tickets; it’s  the only currency taken at Rogue venues ( aka “Rogue bucks”, volunteer ducats, weekend passes & passes from media/press/photographers).  All shows are listed in the beautiful and highly collectable Program book, map, schedule, press releases, and have searchable info pages on the website.  Not at all a Cinderella-Step-Child,  BYOV performers are included in  all Rogue activities (Mardi Gras parade, RogueHop Preview Show Kick-off, Meet N’ Greet, Closing/Awards Party, etc.).  All Performer/Acts will be given Festival Performer Badges (max. of 5 for large performing groups just like all large performing groups in the festival).

How are BYOVs DIFFERENT from Rogue venues?

BYOVs are capable of  larger audience numbers and/or specialty tech support/equipment.  Ticket prices are determined between Performer/Act and BYOV (while standard festival tickets are $5 at Cafes and $10 at Mainstages).  A designated BYOV Manager is required to coordinate all performances, technical questions, liaise between BYOV Owner and Performers.  Performers at BYOVs will have all festival communication come through the BYOV Manager.  Ticket prices, technical crew, box office staff, and all other issues are determined between the BYOV Manager and Performer.  All staff/volunteers at BYOVs will be provided a Festival Volunteer Badge.

For insurance purposes, BYOVs are separated from Rogue Venues.  For the general public, this is seen by: listing BYOVs  in a separate section of program and have signage on site noting the BYOV status.

How much does it cost to be a BYOV?

First, apply online with the application fee, $25. Then, determine total fee based on number of performer/acts. Break out the calculators, and BYOV Managers will find it a worthwhile opportunity to add performer/acts:

Then, based on number of performing acts at BYOV, there is a choice of ¼ page format or ½ page format in the program.  That means (adding $25 application fee to):

¼ Page format = 2 shows will take up ½ a page = $350  –or– 4 shows can take up 1 page = $650

½ Page format = 1 show will take up ½ a page for $350 –or–  2 shows can take up 1 page = $650

Rogue regrets that a single ¼ Page is not available at this time.  So, if your entry comes up odd, as most Rogues are…odd, a suggestion is to  include info about the venue or business; to showcase its products or services.

What does a business have to do to apply as a BYOV?

Before Festival:

Based on coordined performances, dates and times, and arranging a Venue Manager, apply online with the application fee, (WARNING:  deadline is December 1 for all fees and perform/show information  regardless of when first applying…. that means apply as early as you can with all your information).  Establish fee for performer/acts based on own BYOV needs. Submit schedule of shows, dates & times by December 1st deadline.   Use those calculators again!  Determine if shows will be in program in ¼ page format or ½ page format to pay fees due by December 1st.  Arrange for BYOV Manager and other Box office staff to attend free Festival Training on either February 8, 2014  or February 22, 2014.  This is when BYOVs will receive the appropriate reconciliation forms and best techniques to apply to BYOV box office procedures.  Schedule Box office staff as needed including 30 minutes before shows start.  Help any out-of-town performers find housing/lodging.

BYOV Manager will be informed of any  P.R. opportunities:  preview performances, Television/Newspaper/Media interview opportunities, etc. BYOV Manager is responsible to communicate all opportunities to their performers.  Schedule Tech Rehearsals as agreed with performers prior to start of festival.  Answer any questions from performers. BYOV Managers will be responsible to call Rogue Producers if they are unable to answer questions.  Any BYOV perfomers who contacts a Rogue Producer will be directed to their BYOV Manager.

During Festival:

Manage venue, performers, BYOV Owners, tech crew, box office staff, and all other.  Supervise all box office reconciliation to confirm any “Sold Out” shows.  Document all “Sold Out” shows for Festival Producers by last Saturday of festival, 5 p.m.  for Closing Party awards. Reconcile box office daily for quick handover and reconciliation.

After Festival:

Provide Festival Accounting with organized and complete reconciliation of box office totals, including Rogue Bucks & Rogue Pass  reimbursement by Saturday, March 15, 2014.  Distribute earnings from box office to each performer/act.

Is this the only way to be in the Rogue Festival?

If you are interested in participating in the Rogue Festival, but you do not want to follow the BYOV format and rules, you can buy advertisement space:

½ page Advertisement in printed program  is $225.

Full page Advertisement in printed program is $400.

However, advertisements submitted by performer/acts/businesses will not be listed on the website, nor will performer/shows be included in the grid or PR announcements.

Any questions about BYOVs?  Please contact Rogue Producer, Amy Querin at amy@roguefestival.com or (559) 514-6715.